“VYD has forever changed my life. More than just shaping me as a dancer and actor. VYD has shaped me as a person and young adult. Teaching me leadership skills, respect, honesty, courage and that working hard pays off. I’ve also learned to live in the moment. There’s nothing like the feeling of being on stage and performing with a group of people that you love. VYD is a family and in this family we dance. We are all brought together by something we love to do and we all share this love in an amazing way.”

— Sierra Aguiar, VYD Alumni

“This weekend was an amazing performance done by local youth and families in our community. My daughter has been in dance for several years, and every year we watch these amazing productions put on by such talented friends, peers and professionals. I was moved to tears, to see her classmates, and childhood mentors and friends perform such an amazing show. Thank you. To everyone who participated, drove their daughters and sons to rehearsals, to the backstage crew, to the choreographers, teachers, and most of all, to the community, for believing in our children, making them strong, allowinig them to appreciate art, and talent in several ways. It was phenomenal. My daughters and I are eagerly awaiting the next show, and they are psyched to attend the summer camps. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you do for this community!”

— Lupe Sears, Audience Member