Vermont Youth Dancers

Providing performance and leadership opportunities for area youth and encouraging community envolvement in the arts

About us

We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization

We envision a community of children and families that explores the arts in ways that are transformative and inclusive. We envision a community that is welcoming, develops leadership skills, encourages risk taking and promotes creativity while we work together to create high quality dance theatre productions


Every year, Vermont Youth Dancers perform one or two full-length shows in our local community. It provides a top-notch performance experience for local youth, ages 8 to 18, who commit to a rigorous rehearsal schedule and learn choreography and drama to animate their characters on stage

Summer Camps

Vermont Youth Dancer summer camps provide opportunity for local youth to experience what it takes to participate and dance in a mini-show


Vermont Youth Dancers provides a community for our dancers and their families. Older dancers mentor younger dancers, and are encouraged to contribute choreography to the show. Families contribute many behind-the-scenes aspects of the productions. Throughout this process, a dance family is formed

VYD delights audiences with their unexpected blend of exciting hip-hop and compelling lyrical choreography, with song choices that “tell” the story. Dance itself is infused with drama as the cast brings characters to life through movement and acting, with imaginative staging, beautiful costumes, and brilliant set pieces and lighting.