About Us

 Vermont Youth Dancers is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization!

Our Mission

To provide performance and leadership opportunities for area youth and to encourage community involvement in the arts.

Our Vision

We envision a community of children and families that explores the arts in ways that are transformative and inclusive. We envision a community that is welcoming, develops leadership skills, encourages risk taking and promotes creativity while we work together to create high quality dance theatre productions

Along the Way

“We are thrilled to welcome back several of our veteran dancers this year, and are so excited to watch them mentor younger dancers and now help with our choreography. We are also so happy to welcome new young dancers to who are about to experience the magic of their first big show. That is truly our mission, to help young people experience the joy of being part of a large scale dance production,” says Mia.“Along the way, we hope to cement in them an appreciation of dance and the performing arts, and to help them build friendships, confidence, discipline, and memories that will last a lifetime.”