Hey there!  Reminder today is our first tech rehearsal at Spruce Peak. 

Please note the following;

1) Arrive promptly at 4 pm.  That is when we are allowed in the building.  Do NOT show up early, do NOT show up late.  Our time is tight…PLEASE be efficient.

2) Enter the building from the MAIN ENTRANCE ONLY!  I repeat.  MAIN ENTRANCE ONLY.  Even if other doors are propped open

3) Report directly (with all of your stuff) to the auditorium for a cast and crew meeting.   Come dressed to start warm up right away without going to the dressing room.  We will be working through the schedule from the auditorium.   Please do not do your own thing….things will go more smoothly for all if we gather together first PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

4) ALLLLLL dancers must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for signing you in and out of the building unless you are a teen who drives yourself or or siblings.  If that is the case you are responsible to sign in AND out with all from your car.

5) Please bring an easy to eat, non crumbly, non staining snack and a water bottle.  Water is not easily accessible and it is a long night

6) If you plan to work your costume changes, please bring the appropriate base layer

7)  Please secure your hair off your face and in a way that you will not be constantly stopping to put it back up again.  YOUR ENTIRE FOCUS should be on your dancing and tech responsibilities, not resecuring your hair every five minutes.   You are dancers….you should know this by now yet every rehearsal we have to stop for someone to re-do their ponytails or we can’t see your face because your hair is hanging.   Plan ahead and have this done BEFORE YOU ARRIVE.

8) If you have a lift that needs a fight call, please see Mia or Janet before rehearsal begins to make sure we have them on the list.

9) Space in the dressing rooms and green rooms is tight….BRING ONLY WHAT YOU NEED!

9) Rehearsal should end at 8 pm and we will need to leave the building promptly.  Please be sure to have your personal belongings organized. 

10) We will be holding on to all cell phones.  Parents who need to reach their child between 4 and 8 can contact Mia (802)-598-8523 or Theresa (802) 373-6157 or Angela (802) 238-6849 or Becca Clough (802) 734-5158

Thanks.  One last time!

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