Here is the list  for tomorrow’s rehearsal….  There are some overlaps but I did the best I could to fit everything that was needed. 

6-6:30 We Own the Night

6:30-7:15 My Calling

6-6:45 Spirit of Excalibur

6:45-7:30 Gretel, Amy and Liam Say and then whatever else Amy or Gretel need to review (Firefly, Good In Me etc)

7-7:15 Sir Mordred fix faeries

7:15 to 7:30 Mordred’s Lullaby (particularly spirits with Edie)

7-7:30 Guinevere’s dances (Get It Right, Step Away,  Back to You)

7:30-8 Who Do You Love (FULL CAST)

I know we have a lot of conflicts due to the eighth grade field trip.  Students are expected back at 7 and so I tried to adjust the schedule to accommodate that as much as possible.  If you are available to come to rehearsal after 7 that would be fantastic.   If Edie will not be there for Mordred’s Lullaby please let us know since people are coming only to rehearse with her.  We will cancel the Mordred’s Lullaby rehearsal if I find that she will not be there.  Please stay tuned.

Almost there folks!!!


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