Here are the notes from Sunday’s run through.  We will definitely do the finale on Thursday night from 7:30 to 8.  Many are missing due to the 8th grade field trip.  If you can make it for the finale that will be helpful.  This has been a really hard piece for Madison and Violet to learn without all the bodies.  You all had 3 hours at the least to learn this whole thing all together but they mostly learned this in isolation and have had only a short time with all the bodies around them so the more people we can get there the better.

Please read the notes and review what you need.  I know for sure we will call Spirit of Excalibur, Sir Mordred, Mordred’s Lullaby, My Calling for portions of the rehearsal too.  In addition, the duets for Rachel (Step Away, Back to You and Get it Right) will also be called.   The final call times for rehearsal will be out later this afternoon but at the very least be prepared for everyone to be called for finale and the above listed dances.


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