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  1. Janet Bean

    Janet Bean - Mar 05, 2018

    From Mia’s Notes:

    Hunter will need to send choreography notes

    Hunter….try to make contact with Morgan and Morgausse at the beginning here. Remember they are anxious and want you to be king but you are thinking

    “Calm Down ladies. There’s no emergency. I’ve got this. No sirens in front of me. Arhtur loves me and if I just take my time, I am totally able to manipulate the situation. I am in the right place and doing the right thing. There’s nothing to stop me from getting my way. I’ve got things under control and if he doesn’t make me his heir, I have Plan B. There are plenty of people here who are concerned about Lancelot and Guinnevere. There are some knights who are ambitious and want more than hanging around this Castle. I can easily sew some seeds of dissention and build an army but only if I need to. I would rather manipulate the situation than stage a revolution.”

    Morgan and Morgausse….Mordred is enigmatic, mysterious but he is also charismatic and convincing. He could sell wings to an angel. Mordred is the master of control, he can calm you down and make you believe that it is all going to be fine. Let me see that moment where your skepticism changes to devotion. Morgausse he is the center of your universe. Morgan he is your only hope for connection to the kingdom. maybe it is as you watch him leave right before “Heart stays patient cuz I know it’s worth it”

    Abi beautiful job watching Mordred on “If I’m not perfect, nobody is”. This is a perfect example of helping setting up this scene. The subtle way you cock your head like you are listening to him and considering what he is saying. Amy your focus is on him too. Maybe you could add a slow nodding of your head and lean your body a bit toward him… like “yeah, yeah….I hear you”

    Morgan and Morgausse nice choosing two different positions…hands on hip, arms crossed. Let’s see if you can have a shift in your positions, maybe leaning in to each other , like “hey he’s working this. Huh…he is going to totally pull this two over to our side” Could you be maybe a bit more stage right so I can see you and then walk in to the formation to pick up the choreo? Is that okay Hunter if we try that?

    Hunter nice set up with that handshake. I like your people leaning in to you there. But before Liam enters is there a moment where you could be like “Hey look who’s coming. Check this out” to your people?

    Ella, I like how you stay behind. Can we make this more of a moment where you decide not to go with the king?

    Robert, I like you looking back a little at Mordred. You are suspicous of him. You are the king’s body guard so you are aware of eveyrhting around him. I would like this moment to be just a bit clearer Hunter if you could acknowledge Ella or Morgausse and Morgan (“look I got another one”) Robert your exit is another opportunity for you to be checking out Morgan, Morgausse and Mordred. You are uncomfortable when they are at court. You like Mordred. Everybody likes Mordred. But you are not sure you want to like him. He’s a friendly dude but something doesn’t sit well with you. Like that person who is sticky sweet to your face but you feel like it doesn’t ring true. Another major acting moment for your character here.

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