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  1. Janet Bean

    Janet Bean - Mar 03, 2018

    From Mia’s Notes:

    Owen I know it is hard as a hip hop dancer to not hold your ams low against your body but try I think this begining will look stronger and more natural is your try to lift your arms to second a bit for the skates and the pas de bourree

    That movement for “love is in my arms” which looks like a little triplet, is kind of strange. Let’s change that. I am not sure what that movement is supposed to be. Can we put a lunge, reach for Elaine there and then chasse in to your jump? We can talk about this in person if your remind me. That chasse should be big. You are a big guy. We will work on this idea in ballet class next week. It will be good for everyone. Also I feel like you are just a tad late. You should be turning to face her on “but I don’t wanna harm you” and bowing on “like I know I can”

    Mostly I think this will look much more polished if you really use strong, long lifted arms. I can watch it in person and help polish it or Abi or Christiana or Julia or Lily would all be good to help you work on your arms.

    Arms need to get over your head in your tour jete and look up and not at the ground when you land. We will keep working on this in ballet class. Again, it will be good for everyone. You are so strong, I think if we can correct a few things that tour jete will be solid!

    Nice job finishing that “fish” lift Owen and Rachel. I actually saw the arabesque at the end and Raye you lifted your leg a big higher when he put you down which made it look more polished.

    Olivia….this duet with Owen really shows how much it helps make things look beautiful when you full extend your arms and reach out through the ends of your toes.

    Owen, after that duet with Elaine, I think I need to see a little moment for Lancelot there looking at both Guinnevere and Elaine. Lancelot is so messed up. He needs to be thinking “What in the world am I doing!? I have this beautiful wife who loves me and she is amazing and I love her but I can’t stop thinking about Guinnevere! But oh man, I HAVE to STOP thinking about Guinnevere! She is my queen and she is my best friend’s wife and I love the king and I love Camelot and the King is all that matters and I have to STOP THIS!! AHHHHH! What am I doing?!”

    Owen, chaine turns are the other side. And again, here is another moment where you need to look at Elaine and at Guinnevere. “what am I doing? What am I thinking?” The song is saying what you are thinking….”Step away from me. I am no good for you. I am going to hurt someone and I don’t want to do that. So Step away. I am no good for either of you. My head is telling me what to do but my heart is telling me something different! I am a mess!”

    Elaine, cheat a bit toward center stage so you don’t ended up hidden by Lancelot when you curtsy.

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