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  1. Theresa Robinson

    Theresa Robinson - Feb 27, 2018

    Notes from T:

    General Note for all: This is HAPPY, HAPPY, JOYFUL. You are need to look engaged, interested, pleased, engaged, excited…..

    Finn: Remember in this opening, you are big time bragging about your girl to the whole court. This is your girl you are telling them about, and she is better than every other girl out there. You dare anyone to tell you different! Upright, upright, upright!! Smiling, and dignified. So much better this time….keep it up!!!! I love how you throw your two hands toward Emma to introduce her as her solo starts!

    Emma great job with the frappe, then placing your foot behind in tendu! Yes!

    Finn, when you join her for the toe, toe hop together, make sure you are right up next to her, not behind at all.

    Finn, during your 2nd solo, after the drag turn to the front, there is a double stomp (high knee) with the left foot in front in 5th, facing the audience, then look at Emma. Emma – you need to come right up next to Finn for your toe, toe hopping, then both B+ turn with bent arms side.

    Dancers who are watching…. You need to look so engaged in this story, that you simply must join in. As more and more of you join, it must look as though you just can’t contain yourselves any longer! Most of you are just joining in a little too casually. Be more fun loving and excited please.

    Lauren and Madeline can join this first chorus as the last group joins in, and then come to the center as the circles grapevine around and partner swing with your hands around your waist? Let’s try that and see how it looks!

    Group 2 that comes in the front: great job looking fun and energetic! Keep that up! You need to make the toe touch hops different than the toe/heel hops. Really turn your foot sideways on the toe, then hit your heel on the heel touch so they look like a different step. Some are doing this, some not.

    On the group section with the ladies…. Do not turn your head & look at the knights and flick your hand until the last word of “Nancy I adore ya.” You left hand goes on your hip, not behind your back. All must be the same!

    Kat & Tyler: the two of you need to be further out to stage left, you are blocking the group of knights. Thanks!!

    Knights – from the funny feet section on in your group part – your hands go behind your back!!
    The chasse, chaine to your spot looks great, the two hop skips look great – nice high knees! Jazz box, good, the funny feet to the right is good, but the stomp and stomp needs to be much more defined – make that knee higher for those two stomps please.

    The reeling part of the end four circles looks great!!! The last part when the ones stay out and the two’s go to the center looks messy, so I’d like to change it so that the whole circle does what the two’s do. So… Everyone should hop step L, R to center, turn so that your R shoulder is pointed to the center of the circle, Irish frappe your left foot front and back, chaine back out to your original place out. Then everyone moves to their end pose position.

    End pose: HAPPY! Emma & Finn right up front!!!!!!

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