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  1. Janet Bean

    Janet Bean - Mar 04, 2018

    From Theresa’s Notes:

    Birds on the opening, when raising your arms on the first “1,2,3” please raise your elbows first, then hands. On those attitude kick steps, press bent elbows forward and back in opposition, with hands splayed, palms out. Again, before the firebird jump it is chasse, step together jump – like a sisson, so the jump is on count 5. You are not all together on the passé up and arm flap to hit arms over chest, but Rosalie has the exact right timing here.

    Second combination looks good, just very small adjustments! You must all come in equal distance to center for the beginning…. Rosalie needs to come in just a bit further, or Nikki not quite so far. After coming center and raising your arms, the press forward is three counts, then take 3 whole counts to swing your leg and open your arm back – it shouldn’t be flung back too quickly. Rosalie & Nuala, you dropped for the roll to the floor just a little early –fan kick for 1, 2, 3….roll for 4,5,6…. Do not rush! When you all rise from the floor raise your bird arms as you are rising. The tombe detrine jump and side leap crossing looks fantastic!!! Great job!!

    Third combination: PLEASE make sure you are twisted sideways in your passé jump, not facing front! You are facing away from center for this. The “bird windmill” isn’t really a windmill at all. It is two separate movements – one up and out twisting behind, and the other back to front scooping way down to front. Some of you have this more than others. The knife in the dark – really pull this knife movement into center, the develope should hit it’s peak at the word “dark”, really tilt that tilt turn please, Nuala and Rosalie have the timing right on the double pirouette. The reach in is good, then chasse, and 2 chaines to your places to the reach over.

    Christiana, Lily, Sarah, Summer….All of the Good is Mine section looks clean. Lily and Ana – if you can somehow focus a little more on Liam in the center while you are dancing…. Maybe that 2 nd position plie with the arms can be angled a little more toward him instead of the audience, that would be great. Nice job!

    The “All of your good is mine” section for the Birds: (this section looks so nice with what the others are doing. I had said I would do it with you, because you had just learned it, but then was filming! Sorry!
    Here is the choreo!!)

    First pose: hold 12 counts
    Scoop down port du bras and back , 6 counts
    Swing down 3 counts, back up 3 counts (feet together) hand land in 5 th , inside foot to tendu center
    Open arms to sides 6 counts
    Hold 6 counts
    Turn to face center, slowly cross hands across chest to open arms and step back

  2. Janet Bean

    Janet Bean - Mar 04, 2018

    Good In Me notes from Mia (birds and avalon…Theresa’s notes are separate):

    Well right off the bat, we need to teach this whole thing to Tanner! Perhaps this coming Thursday evening?

    Tanner that first half of verse one is you

    This piece never got a goodpolish rehearsal so I think we need to take the time to go over all the timing in the choruses so that you are all in strong unison. Yes Tanner you dance that

    Yes Tanner you need to learn chorus two. I believe you are between Rachel and Owen.

    I have a ton of notes for this one….this will need some time in front of me to make all the necessary corrections.

    Rachel, Tanner, Owen and Liam try to review the choreography and we will work together on the cleaning

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