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  1. Janet Bean

    Janet Bean - Mar 07, 2018

    From Hunter’s Notes:

    Camelot People: When you walk onstage in the beginning, try to reflect Arthur’s mentality with your movements–you are stressed, your kingdom is doomed, and the person you are walking towards is responsible for it all. Be angry, but it stems from stress and frustration.
    When you snap to a knee at 0:33 bring both hands to your leg.
    Make the pivot turn at 0:47 really sharp. Chorus movements are good, just needs a little more review and emotion.

    Avalon People: Brenna, you’re a little early on “since I was a” (1:38). Watch how everyone really holds their lunge as long as they can before moving.
    When we move on “it’s only just begun” before the chorus make sure it’s purposeful.
    Edie you’re a little late on “I won’t go quietly” in the chorus.

    Everyone: Good walking on the beat in the slow part. Aidan make sure when you reach at (2:58) that your arm is straight. Lily don’t roll to aidans back early. Also, I said “fists” in the video but we did decide to do flat palms at the end! Piece is looking good.

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