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  1. Janet Bean

    Janet Bean - Mar 07, 2018

    From Mia’s Notes:

    Robert , I like the urgency with which you move to Arthur.

    Rachel, I like the levels you use when you first go to Arthur’s side, first standing, then kneeling then sinking

    Rachel Try backing away from him when you leave his side rather than turning your back, like you are afraid to let go even for a moment but you have something important to do

    Rachel when you reach to Lancelot in your first solo you might try sighing. You are letting go of a lot right here. Letting go of the dream that was Camelot, possibly letting go of your husband and King who might be dying and also knowing that you must let go of Lancelot too. The weight of all of this is very heavy and the only good that can happen is to at least get the fighting to stop. With Morgan you are trying to find it in your heart to forgive her but also know that you must be forgiven.

    Lauren and Olivia- I love the contrast and the timing of the two of you running in.

    Liam I like that you sit up when Rachel sinks in front of you. It is a humbling moment for her there. It would be good for you to reach out and touch her in that moment

    Rachel and Lily…I am not sure the timing works because there may not be enough music but it would be good for you to be tentative in reaching for each others hands on “surface tensions gotta break”

    Owen and Olivia, it would be good if you adjust your spacing and movement a bit so that you can end up on your knees in centerstage. You are a little lost behind Liam and Raye

    All three pairs in chorus one remember that when you are on your knees doing that palm to palm thing there should be space between your hands like you are holding a small playground ball the whole time

    Owen-have someone help you with that jump. You look unsure. It is a turning pas de chat. Olivia should be able to help you

    ALL watch Lily and Nuala, their timing is right. I keep trying to say it over and over. “Eye to Eye you are backing up back to back and grabbhing your sword” “We face our fears” is circling, “unarmed on the battlefield” submission

    Rosalie, nice…I particularly like how you bow, lowering your head last

    Lily, I am not sure if you can travel at a slightly more diagonal or if you can start farther stage right but that last turn gets a bit lost behind Julia moving to her place

    Julia…good lingering looking at Mordred until right before you start dancing

    Julia and Lil do we need to adjust the turn sequence so you are not so close to each other Lily I like you touching her hand

    Tanner when you set up for the “You and I” can you be closer to Christiana so that I don’t lose you behind Liam

    Christiana and Tanner when you set up for the partnering, it may be that I need Christiana to run more to Tanner and Tanner to run less so that you end up farther DSR

    Liam, when you stumble that last time, you don’t want anyone to really know how badly you are hurt. You should reassure them all, “no no I am fine” Particulary Guinnevere and Merlin. And Olivia you would be reassuring the Queen as you walk with her…”he will be okay”

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